Version: 2.50 | 12-08-2015 | Deutsche Version

The wine storage software manages your complete wine inventory. From the country of origin on the vine until the alcohol content. A variety of fields and options are available, combined with ease of entry and optimal evaluations and sorting. In addition to extensive functions, the software pays particular attention to simple and komfortale editing. Database structure and templates ensure that little data needs to be edited.

Wines & Bottles:
In the software management of the wine and the bottle is isolated. (Without that you as a user, but remember). This has the advantage that every wine must be edited with extensive information only once. Each wine any number of cylinders can be managed. Each bottle allows the storage area, date of purchase or internal labeling. This gives you every single bottle in focus. The database entry for wine remains even if no bottle is present. When purchasing you simply add new bottles. To re-enter the information deleted.

The information for the wines are very comprehensive. They range from the origin of the wine on the quality, the variety or the manufacturer to details such as the nature of the cork or the acidity. In addition, many fields are available to help the wines to manage and classify, from the classification (white wine, rose ...) on the quality up to the direction (dry ...). All this information can be assigned conveniently via radio buttons. Therefore, the editing of a new wine takes and all indications only a few moments. Other fields for description, awards or comments round off the management. Naturally Fields Company and price or an assessment by slider not missing. Whether you use all of these fields, or just a few up to you.

Manage & Find:
Great value we placed on an extensive organization to wines to find the best in the software. For this you have several methods available:

  • A tree structure lists all wines by white wine / red wine etc -> Grape -> origin -> name
    A double-click is enough to bring you to your destination quickly
  • A table lists the entire dataset. This is equipped with numerous filter fields, A mouse and only wines from the Bordeaux region are displayed
  • Im Suchfenster können einen freien Begriff (auch ein Bruchstück) eingeben und diesen Zeitgleich in diversen Datenfeldern suchen lassen
  • Die Auswertung liefert Ihnen mit wenigen Mausklicks ein Ergebnis im Stil von "Alle Rotweine aus Frankreich die trocken sind"
  • Das Schmuckstück ist eine SQL Suche welche kundenfreundlich mit Texten arbeitet. Sie klicken dort auf einen beliebigen Text a la "Zeige alle Weine aus dem Ahr Gebiet welche im Jahr 2010 gekeltert wurden und von denen mehr als drei Flachen vorhanden sind". Sie können in diesem Fenster eigene SQL Routinen erstellen oder Sie laden diese von unserer Homepage. Wir erstellen diese sogar nach Ihren Anforderungen

Merchant and manufacturer:
Since you have a good wine found and no longer know in which traders had bought him. For this reason, a trader and manufacturer contact may be deposited with us to each wine. The editing of the people takes place in its own contact manager incl. Table, browsers and filtering. Contacts can be provided with extensive information. The allocation to the wine by means of a click. Then this wine is linked to a contact entry. Since this is only a link, the visible contact data for all wines are displayed correctly when you change or add to a person in the contact details.

About the internal mail interface you have two special features. So you can have a wine (name, location) to save or send via email. If you use a cloud location or send the mail to the smartphone, then you will find the wine immediately in the camp. In addition, you can send information about a wine to a friend or write to the stored Dealer.

Ale additional features we have the software still added a few areas:

  • Contact
    Our Contact Manager manages individuals, companies, manufacturers, or even private contacts. Click on the link for a comprehensive overview.
  • Chronos
    The internal calendar allows you to make entries and to remind you of appointments. Kicken on the link for a comprehensive overview.
  • Mail
    The internal mail system allows you to send emails from the software.


The software is freeware and may be used in the long term. However, there is also a per version. Here you will find the differences from the Pro version:

  • Summary and detail Printouts
  • Access to the internal mail system
  • Access to the report generator (2016)


Wine Storage Pro

(Euro 10,-)